About me

After nearly 25 years in the academic world, first as a student and doctoral student/researcher, and later as an associate professor in social work, I left the University to work as a clinician. I wanted to work more intimately with people and also to find the answer to the question I was so passionate about. Namely, “Why do people break and how can we repair ourselves again”?

That question eventually became more and more of “Is there a way to prevent that people break in the future”?

Over the years I have also travelled the world to learn from wise masters from different spiritual and philosophical traditions. I asked them the same question and got the same answer as I found in my clinical practice.

Namely, that we forget who we really are. We stop loving ourselves and abandon our authenticity to survive psychologically (and sometimes even physically). We break because we stop loving ourselves.

And it is in our true self, our core personality, that our true talents and potential lies. Humans need love and support to bloom.

I am not a religious person, but I believe in the Universe and in the potential of human beings to choose love before fear. I believe in the human capacity to heal, repair and bloom again.

My own journey of personal development has been at least as long as my academical journey.  I have done a lot of work with myself, both spiritually and psychologically, and taken a lot of responsibility for my psychological and physical well-being. Among other things I was in full psychoanalysis for 10 years.

I believe my own journey of personal development is reflected in my work both as a therapist/mentor and as a lecturer and teacher. It is also reflected in my book.

Privately I am a life-loving person living in deep gratitude of life, greatly devoted to my family. I live in Stockholm, where I have my practice, but spend a lot of time in my second home in Mallorca, Spain.