About Katarina Mannheimer Ahlström Ph D

As a Doctor of Psychology (within social work), former associate professor at Stockholm University, conversational therapist,  Journey practitioner, hypnotherapist, coach, lecturer and course leader, I can help you heal, develop and find your true power, joy and potential.

With nearly 25 years in the academic world, first as a student, then as a researcher and finally as a professor, I decided to change my career to work more directly with what I am most passionate about: Contributing to higher consciousness and mental health.

Through healing traumas and blockages, inner wounds and misconceptions, patterns and other issues that may be blocking you, you can find your way back to your joy in life and recover your genuine self.

Read about what I offer and make a booking below.


I offer various types of therapy and coaching.

To Book a Session:

+46 707 231 155

Conversational therapy

60 minutes

In conversational therapy, you get help in healing blockages, attachment patterns and trauma. I help you find your unconscious driving forces and in our conversations I take the root causes of your psychological problems as a point of departure, i.e. childhood imprints.

I am a certified conversation therapist and am primarily psychodynamically and psychoanalytically trained, although I also master KBT (as I did my dissertation on this).

I accept individual consultations online or in my clinic in Lidingö,  outside of Stockholm.


90 min

With my hypnosis technique, you will get help in sessions to heal trauma, release blockages and addictions, solve phobias and get through life crises and life changes.

I also create recorded hypnosis meditations specially tailored to your needs.This is a method for hypnotic meditations that I have developed over the last 20 years and seen great results from. I am a certified hypnotherapist from CHP in Stockholm (Centre for Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, chp.nu).

Hypnosis is a documented effective and evidence-based treatment method. I accept individual consultations online or in my clinic at Lidingö outside Stockholm.


Journey therapy
2 hours

In journey therapy, you will get help with healing trauma, releasing blockages and addictions, solving phobias, finding the right path in life, setting goals, making difficult decisions and healing grief or trauma.

Journey therapy is a guided visualisation that integrates meditative techniques and several traditional hypnosis and NLP tools.

I am an accredited Journey Therapist and have since 2007 worked with the journey.com Journey Method, which was developed by my teacher in the method, Brandon Bays.

I offer consultations online or physically in my clinic at  Lidingö outside Stockholm.


In coaching sessions, I focus on your personal development, development of consciousness and holistic health.

Coaching Sessions
1 hour

I offer coaching sessions online or in person at my clinic in Lidingö outside Stockholm. This also includes lifestyle coaching in a broader perspective where I work intuitively with a focus on spiritual development and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

A youth discount is offered for all therapeutic methods to facilitate continuity.

To Book a Coaching Session:

+46 707 231 155



I have extensive experience as a lecturer both from my nearly ten years as a university professor teaching at the Stockholm University, and from my years touring with The Academy of Compassion, the event company that I used to be a partner of, and now run myself.

I lecture on development of consciousness, spiritual development, ego and personality types, the power of thought and how you can create your best life. But I have also lectured a lot in the areas of  grief, trauma, healing and personality problems as well as the importance of self compassion and self-love. I am passionate about inspiring open-heartedness and more love, as well a higher vibration. I love helping individuals and groups find their purpose in life so that they can live life to its fullest as the best version of themselves.

Since my journey with breast cancer in 2020, I have also given inspirational lectures about health and keys to self-healing.

Courses, Workshops and Retreats

During my courses and retreats, you get the opportunity to deep dive into yourself. Through teaching, yoga, hypnosis, meditations and other tools, you get the opportunity to heal blockages and release misconceptions about yourself and life and to release that which might hold you back from living life to the fullest and standing in your full power as your authentic self.

My retreats and courses often take place in magical places and are known to be life-changing. Yoga, nutrition and a beautiful atmosphere help to enhance the experience and aid in healing.

To Book a Course, Workshop or Retreat:

+46 707 231 155


I Will Get Through This(2022)
A Book about Leading Yourself with Love through Illness.

Soon available in English.

I Will Get Through This” is the story of my healing journey from breast cancer. In the spring of 2020, in the midst of the first wave of the pandemic, I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my left breast.To protect myself from corona, I isolated myself during the 12 days that passed between diagnosis and surgery. During these days I used all the knowledge and tools I use in my therapeutic work with clients – on myself.

I also looked into how food and lifestyle can counteract cancer, and committed to actively participate in my healing. I treated myself with love, did visualizations and hypnosis meditations, and ”medicated” with diet, exercise, laughter and a supportive environment. When the tumour was operated on after the quarantine, there was only 1% cancer left in it. In other words, the tumor had decreased 90% in strength in 12 days.

Did I cure my cancer?

Who knows! But, today, I am completely healthy and live a sustainable and happy life where nature, diet, meditation, yoga, joy, exercise and supportive environments take a central place. The Swedish version of the book can be ordered at bokus.com, adlibris.com, or through Swedish Bookstores.

Said About “I Will Get Through This”:

“Very good, personable, approachable and extremely informative.”


– BTJ (Former Public Library Service)

“This is the book I wish I had during my journey with cancer. So naked, humble and worthy of thought. A fantastic book that I will carry with me for the rest of my life”.

– Ellinor Persson, TV Personality

Journey of the Heart(2018)
A Book about developing your Consciousness.

I wrote ”Journey of the Heart” about my psychological and spiritual development, sharing my own spiritual awakening and the challenges and insights it entailed.  

The book describes the human ego and the longing to live from one’s authentic self, with greater acceptance and unconditional love for oneself and life. It also describes the Enneagram, a very useful model for understanding the human ego and common personality types.

The book can be ordered at bokus.com, adlibris.com, or through Swedish bookstores. It can also be ordered through emailing katarina@mannheimerahlstrom.com

Said about “Journey of the Heart:

“One of the best books that I have read in this genre!”
– Cecilia E

“If you are interested in freeing yourself from that which makes your life difficult at times, then “Journey of the Heart” is a true friend to hold in hand, be it in lull or storm”.


– Björn Natthiko Lindeblad

MBA, public speaker, best selling author and former Thai Forest Munk