Katarina Mannheimer Ahlström

Ph D. Social Work

Lecturer, Psychodynamic therapist, Hypnotherapist, Journey Practitioner, Wayshower and Mentor in development of consciousness, Author.

After nearly 25 years in the academic world, first as a student and Ph D program researcher at University of Chicago, USA, and later as an associate professor at Stockholm University, Sweden, I left my academic career to work with what I am most passionate about: Contributing to higher consciousness, helping us find the inner core of our being where our true power, strength and potential lies. And further, to help heal those blocks, wounds, misunderstandings and limitations that stand in the way of unlocking who we really are.

Through lectures and presentations, courses, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, journey-processes and private mentorship, I help you heal, develop and find your way back to the core of who you really are.

Development of consciousness is about becoming conscious of our soul and of how we can live closer to both ourselves and each-other. Development of consciousness looks at what we as humans need in order to mature and evolve into our full potential and true nature, both individually and as fellow human beings. 

How can we heal and develop our personality so that we have strength and motivation to consciously live in compassion, or in other words from an attitude of benevolence, respect, kindness, patience and empathy towards both ourselves and others? How can we handle and understand the ego mechanisms of both ourselves and others so that we can create a world where love and open-heartedness governs us, rather than the defense mechanisms of our ego.